Scream is proud of our talented crew of 7.  There is a perfect match for you among our diverse family.

Nikki>  Wednesday – Thursday – Saturday – Sunday

Jade> Tuesday – Thursday – Friday – Saturday

Kaley> Wednesday – Saturday

Jordi> Friday – Tuesday

Silver> Thursday – Monday

Chelsy> Esthetician & Manager > Wednesday – Saturday

    Wednesday – Thursday – Saturday – Sunday

28 Responses to Stylists

  1. Nate Hayes says:

    Do you guys do dreadlocks ?

  2. Bizket Jones says:

    Does the cost for a color include the bleaching before hand? I have fairly dark brown hair and am wanting it bleached out for some solid color afterwards, something in a light purple or lavender.

    • Scream says:

      Hi Bizket, our all over color price is for single process, bleach and tone and bleach and special effects is a double process which is what your looking for.

  3. David says:

    Attention Nicky,

    I perused well over 500 different photos of both long and short textured hairstyles and I believe it’s not for me. I LOVE my hair the way it is. I don’t want to have to Slave/Style my hair before I go out every day. And I especially don’t want any toxic chemical products on my hair just to maintain it. If I were 20 years younger it’d be fun but I got serious grey at my age (50’s) so I want it covered.

    Thank you for being the superb Stylist you are! Enjoy your Sunday.

  4. Zach says:

    Price range for dreads?

  5. Kat says:

    Hey I was wondering if any of the stylists do sand art hair. Its newer and I have been looking everywhere, however many places haven’t even heard of it.

    • Scream says:

      Hi there!
      There’s so many names for very similar color technique… I bet we can handle it!
      Give us a call

  6. Connie says:

    I have a brown bob and I need my color lifted a couple of notches (to a shade of auburn) with a an approx. 3″ blunt band of black at the bottom…what would this range$ at Scream? Salons I have asked don’t “get” what I am trying to do.

    • Scream says:

      Sounds like a double process, to lift you and deposit a new color. That service starts at $100 and a cut us $30
      Thank you!

  7. Jennifer Tera says:

    Hi, I just wanted to check if you guys do fringes? c: How much would it cost if I wanted a fringe?

  8. Sierra Rae says:

    I need some baby bangs! Can this salon accommodate? (;

  9. Ashley tennesen says:

    Do u guys undo dreadlocks/matted hair? I’ve ready purchased the knotty boy removal kit…. And if u do how much would it cost approximately??

    • Scream says:

      We can do that for you, it’s going to cost you $65 an hour… It’s hard to say how long it could take with out seeing your hair.

  10. Jezz says:

    How much would it cost for a white girl with a long Mohawk to get dreads?

    • Scream says:

      Hey Jezz,
      It’s hard to give a cost estimate with out seeing your hair. Consultation is the best way for the an estimate to happen. I could say $200 or it could be $400… Give us a call

  11. Katie says:

    So I’ve been extremely hesitant to go to a salon again after recieving the one and only haircut that ever made me cry… Its been ten years since then, and I think I am finally ready to give it a go. After much web surfing, I think I might like Scream! Yay! However, I am having a hard time deciding what direction I want to go in with my hair. Need change. Don’t know what will look good on me. Is there anyone in particular there that would want to take on this challenge? Anyone who can help me??

    • Scream says:

      Hi Katie!
      I have a feeling that I didn’t reply to you yet! So sorry for the delay, hopefully you’ve come in by now 🙂

  12. Adrienne Tinari says:

    I currently have synthetic dreadlock extensions in my hair and I was wondering if you guys could either tighten them for me or possibly change them out completely.

  13. Gabby Madsen says:

    Good evening,

    Do ya’ll do extensions? I have shorter fine and some what thinning hair, but I’d like to do something like what’s in the article (photo tabled Braided Hairstyles for Short Hair: Asian Hair Style). I’ve included a link to the article below.

    Thank you!

    • Scream says:

      Hi! I think I just emailed you.. But I’ll reply here too.
      We can totally help you!
      That braided style would be cute and we do pinch braid extensions.

  14. Liza says:

    How do I find the stylist that’s right for me? I have very thick blonde hair and I’m looking to get a bob (shoulder length) with blunt bangs.

    • Scream says:

      Hi Liz!
      All of our stylists are skilled and talented, I pride myself on my staff. You can totally come in and scope us out, visit and see if there’s a personality that is a better match for you.
      Give us a call & have a great weekend!

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