Scream is proud of our talented crew of 6.  There is a perfect match for you among our diverse family.

Nikki>  Saturday-Monday& Thursday

Jade> Wednesday-Saturday

Kaley> Wednesday-Sunday

Laken> Saturday-Monday &Wednesday

Jordi > Friday-Tuesday

Chelsy> Our Esthetician & Manager> Tuesday-Saturday

6 Responses to Stylists

  1. Nate Hayes says:

    Do you guys do dreadlocks ?

  2. Bizket Jones says:

    Does the cost for a color include the bleaching before hand? I have fairly dark brown hair and am wanting it bleached out for some solid color afterwards, something in a light purple or lavender.

    • Scream says:

      Hi Bizket, our all over color price is for single process, bleach and tone and bleach and special effects is a double process which is what your looking for.

  3. David says:

    Attention Nicky,

    I perused well over 500 different photos of both long and short textured hairstyles and I believe it’s not for me. I LOVE my hair the way it is. I don’t want to have to Slave/Style my hair before I go out every day. And I especially don’t want any toxic chemical products on my hair just to maintain it. If I were 20 years younger it’d be fun but I got serious grey at my age (50’s) so I want it covered.

    Thank you for being the superb Stylist you are! Enjoy your Sunday.

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