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  1. Candice Holtz says:

    So can you guys tell me alittle about your dreads process. My hair is so long and thick. Past my butt and two handful ponytail. I want dreads so bad. Im so scared to give someone free rein to do dreads, I had a Mohawk in 2004 and have been growing my hair out ever since. I need color before dreads…but I don’t want to spend 1000 dollars and sit for 12 hours either. I have a 2 year old son with some what special needs. More or less hes just attached to my hip and I don’t wantto have to leave him for more than 5-6 hours. Can you give me the scoop please.

    • Scream says:

      Hi there!
      We do the dread perm technique, it is a lengthy process… But Jade is pretty quick!
      A consultation is best because it’s hard to give a proper estimate with out seeing your hair.. It could be up to $500 and 8 hours.. It’s hard to tell.
      But give us a call and come in and we’ll chat it up.

  2. Keegan says:

    How long does it take to create dreads on a white person’s hair? What is the cost per hour?

    • Scream says:

      Hi Keegan,
      We do the dread perm technique, it can take from 4-8+ hours. At the end of your appointment you leave with beautiful fairly mature dreads. The cost for the dread perm varies… Dread maintenance though is $65 an hour. Give us a call for and other questions

  3. Pretty Eyes says:

    Do you install synthetic dreads (that either you sell or I bring my own) and what is an average time/rate for that? I have a dread-hawk and want my two sides filled in cuz I’m too impatient to grow it out. Right now it’s like 3 inches long.

    • Scream says:

      Hi! We do install synthetic dreads. We can make them or you can bring in what you have. We prefer to use doctored locks shape shifter hair. You can come in for a consultation with Jade or Kaley. 206-861-8468

  4. Lauraleigh says:

    I see These comments are older. Are you still doing dreads? I am Only wanting a partial. Could I come In for a consultation? The back of my hair is short but it’s long around the front. I’m kinda looking for something fun and different. I have Some health issues and lost some hair which is why I had to do a razor cut and shorten it up. So let’s have some fun now. Is it $65 an hour and you have hair to put in? Thanks

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